Bible Study

Sunday School remains the most potent organization in the church to reach out to others. Most people say they would attend a Bible study group if someone invited and accompanied them. What better place to do that than Sunday School?

The whole family can participate in all the biblical purposes in one trip to the church, whether your family is just one person or many. Plus every member of the family not only experiences Bible study in Sunday School, but also fellowship and ministry. And on top of all that, each can participate in evangelism simply by inviting someone else to come with them.

Bible study classes are offered every Sunday morning at 9:30 for all age groups.

  • The Pre-School department offers Bible studies for children from birth thru Kindergarten.
    • Teachers are Gina Moses, Kathy Stanford, Betty Stephens and Delene Vaughn.
  • The Children’s department offers Bible studies for children in grades 1 thru 6.
    • Teachers are Jessica Hoshor, Glenda Lipe and Diane Zarley
  • The Youth department offers Bible studies for youth in grades 7 thru 12.
    • Teachers are Carrie Smith and Greg Icenogle
  • The Adult department offers Bible studies for all adults.  Classes include:
    • Adult Co-Ed 1 (Ages 18- 29)
      • Teachers are Cathy and Joe McAllister
    • Adult Co-Ed 2 (Ages 30 – 45)
      • Teacher is Hugo Alcantara
    • Adult Co-Ed 3 (Ages 46-59)
      • Teacher is Bill Farris
    • Adult Co-Ed 4 (Ages 60+)
      • Teacher is Paul Stanford
    • Adult Men (Ages 55+)
      • Teacher is Dan Schnoor
    • Adult Women (Ages 55+)
      • Teacher is Pat Taylor